Dawn exterior of the Blanton residence, Colorado. Designed by Hagman architects.

Exterior of the Blanton residence in Colorado. Designed by Hagman Architects.

Common Misconceptions about SIPs

  • SIPs can only be used in simple, prefabricated designs.
    Fact: SIPs are flexible and can be customized for almost any building design.
  • Wiring a SIP home is difficult.
    Fact: A skilled electrician who has reviewed the plans ahead of time can wire a SIP home quickly and easily using our patented, factory-installed electrical chases.
  • SIPs are a new, untested invention.
    Fact: SIPs have been around since the 1930s. Their current configuration was developed in 1950 and has withstood the test of time.
  • Building with SIPs is too expensive.
    Fact: When adding labor costs, energy savings, job site waste, and cost of material together, building with SIPs is comparable or cheaper than traditional construction.
  • All building panels are SIPs.
    Fact: Though there are many terms associated with building panels, such as “sandwich panels” and “stress-skin panels”, many of these panels are nonstructural and some have no insulation. These terms are not necessarily interchangeable.

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