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Beauty and efficiency. Enercept SIPS are custom made to reflect your vision for the energy efficient home of your dreams. See More »



The versatile Enercept Building System is the preferred way to build the unique commercial or industrial space you are planning.  See More »



Durability, efficiency and ease of construction make Enercept SIPs the building material of choice in the agricultural market. See More »

Technical Docs


The energy efficiency, strength and construction techniques of Enercept SIPs are a result of extensive engineering, design testing and experience. View all technical documents here »

Architectural Showcase


Enercept offers the most fully customizable SIPs on the market. When designing to meet Passive House and Leed requirements – Enercept is the Architects choice.  Learn More »

Supporting the Timber Framers Guild


Enercept designs custom Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to exactly fit your timber frame. Learn More »

Featured Projects

  • “The Allegiance building was a complicated project, but working with Enercept made it possible as the SIPs went together smoothly. The integration of the wall panels, roof panels, laminated wood beams, posts and custom connectors made my job much easier. When I point out that the Allegiance building is using 35% of the energy of most buildings its size, people are stunned. The total construction costs of the Allegiance building were about 25% lower than most buildings of similar quality and finish. I have never completed a project which was afforded so many innovative ideas. It was all possible with Enercept panels and their helpful staff.”

    Paul Sorum, Architect Sorum Design Build, Fargo, ND
  • Working with Enercept was a breeze. The SIP construction is proving to be a very wise choice. The cost to heat has been less than we thought.

    T. Garnett Cable, WI
  • We love Enercept Panel Homes! I put my hand on the basement wall and feel nothing but heat. Love it; would do it again!

    M. Sykes East Bethal, MN
  • Customer service was great! The building was set up so fast and looks great! We have told everyone about Enercept

    Sibley Electric Gaylord, MN
  • I have built stick-built home for 25 years, and was pretty impressed that the panels were as close as they were for fit. A few minor problems that were taken up with the trim. Considering what I've encountered with conventional framing, not bad at all. Thanks to all you folks!

    D. Shearer Sylva, NC
  • Excellent, great and satisfied! I would never build without SIPS.

    B. Justice Eagle River, WI
  • This is our 3rd building; I would not build with anything else.

    Shade Vinyards Volga, SD
  • We were please with how everything fit together having been fabricated off-site. We are very pleased with all aspects of our Enercept building project.

    Roades New Holstein, WI
  • Was able to get my home done on a very short time frame; beyond my expectations! Less waste, no worry about material theft and saves a lot of time.

    K.Swanson Columbia Heights, MN
  • Wish more people could understand the benefits of using SIPs. They are a "no brainer" in my book. Thank you for such a great product and great experience.

    I. Paulsen Park Rapids, MN

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