How Will An Enercept SIPs Home Benefit You?

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saving moneyEnergy Efficiency

By far the biggest benefit you’ll realize in an Enercept SIPs home is the month to month savings on heating and cooling costs. You can expect to save 40% to 60% over a home insulated with batt insulation.

Your home will be insulated with a solid core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) without the thermal breaks (cold spots) present in 2x framing.  EPS insulation maintains its integrity over time and will not settle or absorb moisture.

2 1/2 Times Stronger
The process of laminating the exterior and interior oriented strand board (OSB) to the EPS insulation gives the SIPs an I-beam like strength.

Enercept SIPs are ICC and NTA tested and certified for strength.

Quicker Construction Cycle
Because the exterior and interior sheathing and insulating is done in one step, it will take you or your crew less time on the job site.

No Studs to Find
Since the entire inside wall is sheathed with 7/16” OSB, hanging sheetrock, cabinets, curtains and even pictures is easier and faster.

Quieter and Healthier Environment
EPS insulation is an excellent sound barrier and reduces wind and other outside noises. The naturally tight construction of a SIP shell prevents dust and other allergens from penetrating the home.

Timber Frames

Here’s why SIPs are the most popular way to enclose a timber home:

  • SIPs go up quickly.  This saves money on labor, insurance and financing.
  • SIPs are flexible.  Sips can arrive at the home site as blank panels and custom fit on location. Or panels can be custom-made at the factory and numbered for easy installation.
  • SIPs are energy efficient. According to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, SIPs outperform stick framing on whole-wall energy performance by 40 to 60 percent (even with the same wall thickness).
  • SIPs are environmentally friendly. The materials used in manufacturing SIPs come from renewable resources.
  • SIPs reduce sound infiltration.  SIPs block sound like few other materials.  You’ll appreciate the difference especially in bedrooms, home offices and media rooms.

SIPs and exposed timber frames, a building combination that makes sense!

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Log Home

Why an Enercept SIP Roof?

  • Enercept SIP Roof Panels are pre-cut to your specifications. You won’t have to worry about cutting complex angles – we do the work for you.
  • The most cost effective dollar per R-value foam insulation, structure and sheathing available in one package.
  • More usable square footage in your log home with fully vaulted ceilings.
  • Snow loads to 250 pounds with structural roof panels.
  • Roof framing made easy with the industry’s most fully customized SIP roof panels.
  • Compound angles and valleys are not a problem with Enercept SIPs.

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